Integration is about to Begin: MALL GROUP Has Moved All Online Shops under One Roof and Connected Their Business Teams

Prague, 9 September 2016

All online shops belonging to MALL GROUP have been moved into shared offices in Holesovice, Prague, last week. Since 19th September there have been MALL.CZ,, Proděti, Kolonial, BigBrands, Rozbaleno, Bux and Sporty under one roof. Another strategic step is the integration of business teams led by Jitka Dvořáková, Business Manager of MALL GROUP.

Shared offices for employees of all online shops of MALL GROUP were established just two months after Rockaway, financially supported by Daniel Křetínský, Patrik Tkáče and PPF, took over the network of shopping galleries MALL.CZ. ” I see our shared offices as the next step to reach our goal – to be number one in e-commerce in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe, and become for our customers the first choice under all circumstances,” says Jakub Havrlant, CEO of MALL GROUP.

Shared offices enabled also first principal shift in strategy. It is the integration of business teams which are currently divided not according to brands of the shops, but according to segments of products: “It does not mean that we cancel brands of our shops which our customers are used to. The other way around – we will be able to fully use the know-how of our sellers, who can now focus on individual segments. The integration will enable us to manage all our business channels and also react on the needs of our customers more effectively, ” says Jitka Dvořáková, current CEO of, who is also business manager of MALL GROUP.

MALL GROUP has extended existing offices of – they are now situated on six floors and have 24 meeting rooms – the biggest one can host 60 people. Altogether, we have moved almost 5 tons of material; new furniture was additional 15 tons. Technical and project preparation lasted 530 hours and realization itself lasted twice as much.