MALL Boxes in pilot operation: 24/7 pickup of purchases

Prague, 20 September 2018

Live operation of nine boxes will be carried out in late September and early October in Prague. MALL Boxes will subsequently be expanded to more than 70 locations in the Czech Republic and 30 in Slovakia. People thus have closer pickup points for orders from; the number of locations for picking up goods will grow to more than 300 in both countries. In the coming months, the service will be made available for customers of the online mall’s other e-shops, e.g., Prodě and, including goods from partner sales.

At the beginning of the pilot operation, which will start on 20 September 2018, people will be able to pick up single-item orders from that have been paid for by card or cash transfer. The objective is to test the full functionality of the system from selection of a particular box and the payment process to the actual pickup of parcels. The distribution network’s coverage will be extended to the entire Czech Republic and Slovakia in October.

When making a purchase, customers will simply select, from among the shipping options, pickup from the MALL Box whose location best suits them. “We are thus nearly doubling the number of pickup points. Together with the Uloženka network, we are coming to more than 150 locations in the Czech Republic and 120 in Slovakia,” says Ivan Vodička, head of retail at MALL GROUP, adding: “We are responding to the wishes of our customers, who often do not have the possibility to receive goods at a particular time or during opening hours.”

The trial operation will end with the expansion of the service for multi-item purchases: “Technologically, it is relatively complicated to ensure correct placement in a box in the case of multi-item orders. There are many thousands of variants for putting together five random items, while only a fraction of those meet our standards. Therefore, we are starting out with simpler, single-item purchases,” Ivan Vodička adds. People will find MALL Boxes at locations with good transport service and the safety of customers and their goods is ensured. In certain cases, when boxes are placed in shopping centres, access may be limited due to the centres’ opening hours.

MALL GROUP achieved the doubling of the number of pickup points thanks to its acquisition of most of the original Poštomat network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia including the control system from the Polish firm in Post. In connection with that, rebranding of the boxes and integration of their technical systems are being carried out.

List of MALL Box locations in the pilot operation

  • Prague 12 – Modřany Obchodní nám. 1590, Albert ground floor, in the parking garage, 30 m to the right of the entrance to the shopping centre and the Albert grocery store
  • Prague 11 – Chodov Brandlova 8, Albert first-floor terrace, to the left of the entrance to the grocery store
  • Prague 4 – Krč Budějovická 1667/64, Billa ground floor, in the outdoor parking lot to the left of the entrance from ulice Antala Staška, at the end of the DBK building
  • Prague 6 – Břevnov Bělohorská 205, Kaufland ground floor, 30 m to the left of the entrance to the grocery store
  • Prague 6 – Břevnov Radimova 40 ground floor, on ulice Radimova, under the stairs to the grocery store
  • Prague 10 – Vršovice U Slávie 1527/3, OC Eden* first underground floor of the OC EDEN parking garage, 25 m to the left of the entrance
  • Prague 9 – Libeň Českomoravská 2420/15a, OC Harfa* first underground floor of the OC Harfa parking garage, red zone between columns D and E
  • Prague 14 – Hloubětín Kolbenova 1094, Penny ground floor, parking lot, 30 m to the left of the entrance to the Penny Market grocery store
  • Prague 7 – Holešovice Argentinská, Billa grocery-store parking lot

* availability of the MALL Box is limited by the shopping centre’s opening hours