Rockaway Introduces New Ecommerce Group: MALL GROUP

Rockaway has accomplished the takeover of the network of shopping galleries – the MALL. As a result, MALL GROUP led by Jakub Havrlant has been established to encompass also specialized online shops from existing Rockaway portfolio.

Besides domestic market, MALL GROUP will focus on the region of Central and Eastern Europe where they want to strengthen their leading position. In their portfolio, there is shopping gallery MALL including its foreign branches and specialized online shops from existing portfolio:, Vivantis, Proděti, BigBrands, Kolonial, Bux, Sporty and Rozbaleno.

MALL GROUP is the most important investment in the history of Rockaway Group led by Jakub Havrlant. “The opportunity we have got is absolutely unique. We have a chance to make use of the strong position of MALL, and build around it new services and products. For us, a satisfied customer will not be just a business cliché, but the very essence of our business strategy. We are not focused only on Czechs, but we are going to create a breakthrough project in European Internet economy.”

Ondřej Fryc, the founder and CEO of Netrail, where and its foreign branches belong, leaves the executive position and heads for MALL GROUP advisory board. “I am proud of what our team has achieved in 16 years. Also I am happy that the group will have Czech management again and full support of the shareholder, and I look forward to their future achievements. I will no longer interfere into further development of the group, but as every father of a child, I will keep an eye on it and I will keep my fingers crossed.

Rockaway made the transaction with the support of Daniel Křetínský, Patrik Tkáč and PPF Group.


  • At the level of MALL GROUP, new management team will be established with the aim to support and its foreign branches to reach the goals set for the Christmas season of this year.
  • Regarding the customers, all brands will work in the same way just as people know them. MALL GROUP is only the name of the holding.
  • Heureka, the system for price comparison which has recently become a member of Rockaway, does not belong to MALL GROUP. Heureka has its own management and in contrast to MALL GROUP, it also has different strategy and goals, and we do not intend to connect it to MALL GROUP in any way.